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We are now accepting submissions for our SPECIAL EDITION COVID 19 Charitable Anthology benefiting the World Health Organization's Covid 19 Response Fund. Please Visit our Submissions Page for Details.

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Featured Reviews
  • "Wilson incorporates the stages of grief, the symbolism of seasons, and the wonder timeless mysticism in a cyclical story". - Praise for A Year Since the Rain by Shane Wilson

  • "Dr. Grayson Miller is an unusual and unlikely hero, one you can't help but root for". - Praise for Dark Awakening by Sally Ramsey

  • "The story flows and expands on the world the within in a poetic style reminiscent of JRR Tolkien." - Praise for The Last Ranger of Sarn by Ed Ireland

  • "Usually, I do not read this type of fiction, but the synopsis was interesting. A vampire, a werewolf, an immortal and a shapeshifter? Who would not raise a brow at that cast of characters?" - Praise for Bad Reception by Shannen C. Wright

Quick Facts
  • All of our books are typically available for pre-order 2 to 4 weeks prior to publication release.

  • All of our published books are available for purchase both here as well as Amazon B&N and many other retail outlets.

  • We  SECURELY accept PayPal and Credit Cards  on our site.

  • It typically takes about a week for a book to arrive.