Author Events

As our company grows and matures, our authors have been able to set up more and more events to showcase their books. Author events are great opportunities to connect with top notch writers and to get the inside scoop on their books. We hope that you'll support our authors as they work to promote their books, and we hope to keep this page full of events! A big area of focus for us is improving our efforts to generate events for our authors.

Snow Leopard Publishing is Honored to announce the upcoming Book by Michael Annis

Howling at the End of the Wor(l)ds

Now available for Pre-Sale

coming Summer 202o  

Booking Events and Questions

If you have any questions concerning any of these events or would be interested in booking one of our authors for an event, please reach out to us at We'll consult with the appropriate author as needed and will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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