Spanning decades at the forefront of progressive, alternative literature & iconoclastic cultural overthrow & now beyond his role as independent publisher comes Michael Annis’s very first comprehensive collection of his own works, HOWLING AT THE END OF THE WOR(L)DS.

 • Showcasing his prolific literary output of expansive invention & reinvention of form, style, voice & structure for which he’s known, VOLUME 1 is comprised of poems, flash fiction, poeditations, translations, essays, creative interstitial non-fiction, Image collision, & Hinge works with his signature passion and intensity driving each piece.

• Each volume is lavishly illustrated with visionary artworks by international, groundbreaking, visual artists, plus Annis himself an award-winning designer who carefully designed each book - a collaboration of artistic forces producing these lush collectors’ items of provocative beauty.


Praise for Michael Annis


"If you've been wondering what's become of America's dangerous outlaw poetry—renegade, irreverent, unrepentant, with a tang of snyderginsbergburroughs open spaces and inward journeying running through it; if you've been yearning for a raw howl and a free range sensibility that's still informed by the spiritual, and by an understanding of psychology, anthropology, archaeology, and our fraught political moment; if you seek a six-shooter explosiveness that can still be driven by great familial tenderness . . . then come to the cliffs above the rushing River Annis, and fling your balsa chip of readerly interest into that torrent." ~ Albert Goldbarth, 2x National Book Critics Circle Award; author of "Between Sleeping & Waking"


“The rebel poet Michael Annis's every turn of words is hard hitting, deeply moving, masterfully constructed, and elegant/edgy with artistic style. Always inspiring, never disappointing, Annis is a valuable role model and mentor for the importance of impeccable integrity in the penning of poems. This writer is truly a literary treasure of our time.” ~ Roseanna Frechette, poet & performance artist


"Language in these dazzling poems elevates us readers with emotional and intellectual intensity.  This collection encircles the world in scope, with Michael Annis’ concern for the well-being of our species & planet, defending all, in their way, from continual war and greed, and from, he says, “[those] swinging the shining scimitar of righteousness.”  Such art of genuine morality, starts appropriately, by invoking his two sons, and, in some ways, all children, as he focuses to what is deeply personal, singing out, “O my children’s childhoods racing fireflies.”  Michael Annis’ writing and art come at readers like wolf howls, in vivid, linguistic fierceness."  —Robert Stewart, Working Class: Poems and Editor Emeritus New Letters.


"Michael Annis has raged against the machine for all the decades I have known him. His new book, Howling at the End of the Wor(l)ds, is perhaps his most articulate denunciation of corporate greed and human flaws. The words and design of the book are turned up full volume from page 1 to the end. Typography wraps around lines. Images, appear melded to paper. Grief for the lives of two sons lost to muscular dystrophy create a bass line for the author’s hyperawareness. An unnerving lyric about an encounter with a timber wolf connects with the themes of danger and vocalization. This publication is a stick of dynamite with the fuse burning. Pick it up if you dare." ~ Denise Low, Kansas Poet Laureate 2006-9, Shadow Light: Poems (Red Mt. Press Poetry Award)


"Michael Annis is probably the most dangerous poet on the planet. His poetry is confronting, disturbing and powerful.  We highly recommend his works -- not for the faint hearted! Annis defines, delineates, and confronts the specter of tyrannical corporations and religious hierarchies and how they promote, engender, launch, and sustain devastating Wars and Plagues for their own self-power interests of population control and exploitation". ~Blackmail Press, New Zealand



“What can I say about Michael Annis? Poet, Musician, Artist, Publisher, Columnist, Devoted Father... yes to all of those. But these just scratch the surface of this extremely complex and irrepressible talent. Wordsmith might be a good term, since he paints intricate vocal pictures where every word, every phrase, is important on multiple levels, interwoven then ignited. Perhaps it's best not to try to figure him out, rather to enjoy his work. I'm very lucky to have him as a monthly columnist on my radio show...” 

~Chuck Gregory, Host of the New American Dream Radio Show and publisher at CWG Press


"Michael Annis' impassioned tour de force voices the wizened perspective and satirical foreboding of an ancient shamanic prophet who assumes all experiences simultaneously to suggest sense of our everyday condition with objective understanding in historical context. Like humanity holding a mirror to itself, the experience is a sober and uncompromisingly honest look at what it means to be part of the human experiment at this defining 21st century crossroads between realizing either an ultimate futility, or a higher purpose." ~David Allen Reed, artist, writer, video film maker


"Very seldom, but every so often, there comes through the trebles of history a voice that is as courageous as it is prophetic--- that can sum up its age, descry its age, & at the same time, privilege its time with a propaedeutic for ‘better days.’ Make no mistake, Michael Annis has been fighting the ‘good’ fight for most of his years, his writing is anointed with the ferocity that derives from the furnaces of Blake, of Kierkegaard, of Kafka, . . . those who have seen, who have agonized, & lived to not only tell about it, but to SHOUT IT OUT! Grab ahold of this work! Grab ahold of the powerful thinking fulgurating from the Father of Hive Mind!"  ~Heller Levinson, poet, fiction writer, creator and originator of Hinge Theory


"The War Between the Sons of Darkness & the Sons of Light* is a work of sheer genius.  You will be amazed--awed--by how this work transfigures history, without giving in to pretense-filled, pressure group politics or the propaganda of prescribed socialization. It will spin you into the future, raising you above mundane observation and partisan agendas. It's a holocaust awaiting all but the Overlords, who have been seeded within us since the beginning of Time. If you want a sharp tooth, a read that pulls no punches, this is it. It should be recorded, then broadcast continually on free radio, 24/7, in the U.S. and abroad."   ~Gregory Greyhawk, poet, fiction writer, and screenwriter.

*[included in Howling at the End of the Wor(l)ds] 

Howling at the End of the Wor(l)ds, Volume 1

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