Building a Following Friday: Have a Story

Yesterday I was speaking with Alexander Penn, the author of You're a F**king Looter, which we'll be publishing within the next few months, regarding promoting his book. I mainly wanted to get his thoughts on our ideas for promoting him and to ask him if there was anything else that he thought we should do. I was very impressed with several of his ideas, and one of the main ones featured the story of him writing his novel, which I thought was so important.

Alexander's idea was to do some sort of promotion in the coffee shop in which he wrote his novel. It reminded me of one of the most important rules when it comes to promotion and marketing. You must have a story that ties into your promotion of your book. People in Alexander's area will likely purchase his book not just because it's awesome but because they go to the same coffee shop. They know all about it, and they love it too.

Having a story that ties into your promotion of your book gives people a reason to buy your book. These days there are millions of ways for people to spend their money. People don't want to spend their money "just because". Should people purchase your book "just because", or do you have a story that goes with your promotion? Does your book support interfaith dialogue or world peace or equality for women in the workplace? Are people buying your book "just because" or because it tells the story of a grandma who battled through cancer just like their mom or sister or grandmother?

It doesn't really matter what your story is, but you must have one when you promote your book, and it must be good. We're all writers, so, thankfully, creating a story to go along with your promotion of your book shouldn't be too difficult.

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