The Trade Tuesday: Small Press, Not a Vanity Press

As anyone who knows me personally would acknowledge, I'm obsessed with the publishing industry. I love keeping up with industry trends and learning about new ways to do things and new companies. So many times, I see new publishing companies that scream from the roof tops that they are small presses, NOT vanity presses. I think that highlights a real problem in the publishing industry.

If you go on LinkedIn and check out a writers' group, you won't have to look long to find a string of comments bashing literary agents because some are stuck up snobs. You wouldn't have to go through many pages of search results for small presses on Google to find people bashing them because some vanity publishers, with which some small presses can be confused, are crooks. It seems to me as though people in the publishing industry generalize far too much. Haven't you heard an agent state that self-published books are junk? Sure, there are some junky ones, but many are quite good. Many people in this industry generalize far too much.

I would encourage you to actually look at each individual book, agent, publishing company etc. rather than buying into stereotypes. There's nothing wrong with every single self-publishing books. There's nothing wrong with every single literary agent. There's nothing wrong with every publishing company. Look at each individual item. Many times, you'll be surprised at the great things that you find. In some cases, you'll find a junky book or a snobby agent or a crooked publisher, but most times, I think that you'll be pleasantly surprised.