Writing Prompt Wednesday

As unfortunate as it may seem, writer's block happens to everyone from time to time. I have written a few short articles and answered many writers' questions about how I get over it. In an attempt to help our writer's overcome this road block in their writing, we at Snow Leopard are devising a weekly blog post with writing prompts aimed at getting your creative juices flowing once again. Every Wednesday, you can check out this blog to find some writing prompts.

Writing prompts are short phrases, sentences, or even single words that you can think about and write about. Here are this week's examples:

1. A sudden shadow filled the room, but it was still the middle of the day...

2. She saw him across the beach as the waves made small crashes against his calves...

3 My favorite ice cream is...

4. The explosion rocked the neighborhood and people quickly filled the streets to see what had happened.

5 Springtime is my favorite season.

Okay, take a few minutes to see where you can go with these. Who knows, maybe one of these will start you next novel or add some excitement to the one you are already writing. If you'd like, you can even comment with a short story based on one of these below!

Have a great week!