The Trade Tuesday: Follow Instructions

Remember being in elementary school and your teacher constantly telling you to follow directions or to read the directions or to wait for directions? One of the most valuable lessons that elementary school teaches, in my opinion, is the need to follow the directions of people who know more than you do. Many authors need to learn that lesson anew. Authors must follow directions in order to succeed in the publishing industry.

Every publishing professional gives authors directions. Every one of them tries his or her best to set authors on the path to success by giving directions. Follow them. Let me show you why.

I honestly and unfortunately get more queries via LinkedIn message than by email like I request. More authors than not do not follow my directions. I don't even look at queries made via LinkedIn message. Why? Well, for one, why should I do something for someone who doesn't respect me enough to follow my directions and trust that I know enough about how I run my own business to come up with appropriate directions? More importantly, I know that it's easier to follow up with people via email for me, I check my email a lot more than LinkedIn, and I know how to use Gmail better than LinkedIn messager.

I know how to run my business better than anyone except other publishing professionals. When people follow my directions, it not only gives a good impression, it also allows me to help them more easily. Authors must follow directions in order to be successful. Doing anything beside limits how much help publishing professionals can be.