Building a Following Friday: Yesterday's News

Have you ever recorded Erin Burnett Outfront or The Kelly File then watched it three days later like you would with House of Cards or Game of Thrones or The Blacklist or The Walking Dead? Probably not. Why? Because a news show is a lot different than a regular TV show. A news show from three days ago is quite literally old news. If you're going to watch the news, you're going to watch the news from that day.

I find that many authors don't take into account that no one really wants to hear about old news. I don't want to read a news article about the Fall of the Soviet Union nearly twenty five years after it happened as if it's some new and breaking thing. I'd much prefer to read an article about the 2016 Presidential Race. Authors need to deliver news about their books and themselves when it's relevant then move on to the next "story".

I see people all of the time talking about things that happened weeks, months, or years ago. Not to be rude, but in most cases, no one cares. News must be relevant and breaking in order to be interesting. Authors need to share positive reviews as soon as they receive them and move on to something new within several days. Three months after a book has been launched, it's no longer "brand new". An interview from 2008 is not really news. Keep things new. Keep moving to the next thing in your promotions. You'll be more successful because you won't be pitching old news.

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