The Trade Tuesday: Title Inappropriately

Alexander Penn, one of our soon to be published authors, was interviewed on our blog on Saturday. His book's title is You're a F**king Looter. Yes, Alexander did drop an F-bomb in the title of his book. Get over it. Why? Because he was smart to do it.

As Alexander actually pointed out in his blog post in response to a question that I posed to him regarding the controversial title of his book, titles these days are too formulaic. They're boring. They're predictable. The whole point of a title is to catch someone's interest and to stand out from the million plus books that are published every year. I'm pretty sure that the title of Alexander's book does just that when so many don't.

Now, you don't have to start adding an F-bomb to every one of our titles. No, calling some public figure an SOB in your title doesn't guarenttee that your book will sell better. However, the concept of being controversial is very important. Most titles are five words or less. Make your title one word. Most titles aren't a list of nouns. Make yours a list of nouns. The point is that in order for your title to stand out, you need to go against what everyone else does. The point of a title is to stand out, right? Resist the formula, and title your book "inappropriately”!

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