Building a Following Friday: Be Appropriate

Do you know why the President wears a suit at the State of the Union rather than jeans and a t shirt? It just looks more professional for a politician. Do you know why Mark Zuckerberg, wears a grey shirt and jeans rather than a suit and tie? It just looks more appropriate for a billionaire social media network founder. It's not about whether a suit is better than jeans and a t shirt. It's about which one is more appropriate.

The same principle applies to an author's social media profiles. If you're a horror author, your Twitter head probably shouldn't be a peaceful picnic scene...unless someone's pulling a severed head out of a basket. If you're a romance author, your Facebook background probably shouldn't be two dragon hunters unless they're looking at each other with loving glances. It's all about what's appropriate.

The same thing is true with your actual tweets and Facebook posts. If you books are about less than angelic people, it's appropriate to use some less than angelic language in your social media updates. If your books are biographies of the Popes, you probably don't want to be dropping F-bombs on social media. It's all about what's appropriate. Don't try to be something that you're not, and remember your audience.

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