Building a Following Friday: Real Content

Last time you were on Twitter, you probably saw John Smith's pitch for his book. and the time before that, you saw John Smith's....pitch for his book. And the time before that..... You get the point. We all know that author that constantly pitches his book in the same way over and over again. He uses the same somewhat boring blurb. Maybe he'll include an image, but if he does, it's the same one every single time. Annoying, right? RIGHT!!! Don't be that guy.

Most people don't use the same pitch every single time, but there are tons and tons of authors who spend ninety nine percent of their time on social media promoting their books. It gets old really, really, really quickly. It's very important to actually post real content more than you post pitches for your book. You want people to stay engaged with you and to be interested. Your mother might never get bored of hearing constant pitches for your book, but everyone else will. Instead of posting stuff about your books constantly, intersperse things that your fans will find interesting.

If your book is about a corrupt pope, tweet pictures of cool churches in Rome or relics. If your book is about Winston Churchill, post Winston Churchill quotes on your Facebook page. If your book is about astronomy, tweet really awesome pictures of space. It's actually not that hard to come up with real, unique, interesting content, but it's so critical to being successful at promoting your book.

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