A Year Since the Rain by Shane Wilson Cover Reveal

“I’m afraid you’re going to have a hard time with this. I know I’ve had a hard time with it—dealing with it, believing it, living it.”

Alan —a heart-broken and stubborn computer programmer—took much in his life for granted, including the vast supply of water in his town. But when the rains stop falling and the rivers dry up, he begins to realize how temporary it all can be. His life begins to unravel as, across town, a sinkhole threatens to swallow every bit of the place he has come to call home.

Taken on a journey of self-discovery by the magical women in his life, Alan is drawn into an unexpected affair and comes face-to-face with a Mystic who walks through his dreams. For Alan, dreams become a new reality, and reality erodes into something of a dream. As his town transforms into an arid wasteland that crumbles beneath his feet, Alan is compelled by the inevitable to strike out into the unknown or perish.

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Shane Wilson is a college English teacher in North Carolina. Born in Alabama and raised in Georgia, he is a child of the southeastern United States where he feels simultaneously at-home and out-of-place. No matter the temperature outside, there is always an iced coffee in his hand when he walks into class in the mornings. He tends to chase the day with a whiskey and Netflix. A Year Since the Rain is his debut novel.