All That Glitters Is Not Gold Now Published!

It's pretty incredible that All That Glitters Is Not Gold is our fourth release this week! How exciting is that?

While the book's title would suggest that some things just aren't all that and a bag of chips, working on the book, ironically, has been! Alexander has been absolutely fantastic, and our biggest non-bookstore order was for All That Glitters Is Not Gold!

We're looking forward to more exciting times with Alexander as we bring his book to the market.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold: A Compilation is to be taken both literally and metaphorically. Through these fantastical stories, some set in a stylized or higher reality, each protagonist confronts some unenviable challenge head-on – something both grossly twisted out of proportion and yet something all too familiar to the day-in, day-out experiences of our world. They ask the same questions we do, and they ponder the same things we do – just in a very literal context. The stories also revolve around the durability of human relationships. In these stories, characters often find themselves in situations where their friends and enemies will sporadically switch sides. All this is a psychological inquiry into whether we as a species are bound to relationships for the sake of another, or simply for survival. The book does not necessarily attempt to answer this question. It merely shows the magnificent disarray of people who we think we know through and through our entire lives.