Tired of reading books without substance?

Unhinged will keep you on your toes and leave you thrilled.

We’re excited to announce that this exciting page-turner, Unhinged by Kelly Fitzharris Coody, is now available for purchase on our site, snowleopardpublishing.com, and via Amazon.com.

Agnes Mullins slowly regains consciousness next to a girl whom, despite her unsettlingly familiar features, she swears she does not know. Agnes’s only company in what seems to be a deserted office building in downtown Austin, Texas, is this familiar stranger.

The only problem is that this girl is dead.

We follow Agnes as she attempts to piece together the events of the past 24 hours--along with her steadily unraveling mental and physical wellbeing.

Her sanity has recently taken a backseat to the juggernaut of a failed first job, which has shattered her once effervescent and supremely confident command of self and left her professional and social life held together with scotch tape that’s slowly losing its hold.

In the midst of it all, a fair, charismatic figure slices through the haze and confusion and provides the bedrock of strength Agnes needs to make all the pieces fit back together. Until even his very presence threatens to unhinge the last vestige of her already tenuous hold on reality.