New Charity Added to Our Anthology Series

We are pleased to announce that St Jude's Children's Research Hospital is the latest addition to our Anthology Series. Submissions are now open for this Anthology which is scheduled to be our Anthology for September, 2018. The deadline for submissions is August 1st, 2018.

As one of the largest pediatric cancer hospitals in the world, St. Jude treats about 8,500 patients each year with 69 beds in operation and a license to go up to 80 beds. But, our approach is different and has been since we opened the hospital. We believe a child should live as normal a childhood as possible even when battling life-threatening diseases. That’s why most of our patients are treated as outpatients and stay in one of our three housing facilities with nearly 300 rooms specifically designed and managed by us for families of children with cancer and other diseases. Construction of a fifth housing facility containing an additional 140 units will begin in 2018.

Because this is a children's charity, we would love to fill this anthology will stories, poems and original art geared toward a younger audience. We want these anthologies to be available for young people to read while they recuperate and beyond, so please keep this in mind when submitting.

For more information on submissions, please visit our submissions page at

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