Building a Following Friday: The Influence Web

Most likely, you don't have a YouTube channel with four hundred thousand subscribers or a Twitter account with a million and a half followers or a Facebook page with seven hundred thousand likes. As a new or even established author, it can be very difficult if not impossible to reach hundreds of thousands of people on your own in an effective manner. By understanding how the influence web works, however, you can relatively quickly.

Think about this. A lot of authors have a thousand to five thousand Twitter followers. That's a good amount of people in reality, even though it might look a bit small compared to celebrity accounts and any just about account that posts pictures of food or cute cats. :) However, that doesn't mean that the authors who have five thousand Twitter followers or less only have the potential to influence five thousand people or less. With one retweet, their message could instantly have the potential of reaching another five, ten, fifty, or even hundred thousand people. If you're mentioned, quoted, or retweeted by a celebrity, your message can be seen by several hundred thousand people and, in some cases, millions!

Always keep in mind that social media isn't just about the number of followers or likes or subscribers that you have. It's about the quality and just how willing people are to help you out. You could easily reach just as many people as someone with one hundred thousand followers with twenty followers who all have five thousand followers and who all retweet you. When you're starting out or when you need to expand to new audiences, focus on building relationships with other people. Get them to like you, and get them to share your content. You can influence so many more people if you get other people to help you. Soon, you're influence will be like a web that takes your message far and wide!